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Virginia Dental for Less, Teeth Whiting does Orange and Banana peels help to whiten your teeth

Virginia teeth whiting:   For a very low cost I was told that Orange and Banana peels can help to whiten your teeth.  And they do a better job at whiten teeth then say baking soda does.   My teeth are not as white as I would like them to be but can not afford whitening treatments done by a dentist.  So I just wondering how well does Orange/Banana peels work to whiten  your teeth and just how do you use them.

Posted on Thursday, Dec. 2nd 2010 10:07 AM | by Dental | in Teeth Whitening | 4 Comments »

4 Comments on “Virginia Dental for Less, Teeth Whiting does Orange and Banana peels help to whiten your teeth”

  1. Greg Hills Says:

    Do not try it okay it just a waste of time at best at worse it will wear down your tooth enemal making your teeth more open to tooth decay.

    If you want to whiten you teeth there are many good over the counter teeth whiten products. There is no really reason to try and use home remedies that are iffy at best.

  2. Williams Says:

    Do not even try it. People come up with stupid ways to whiten your teeth and in the end all is does is tear down your tooth enemal. Not reall a smart thing to do unless you want to get cavities.

    At least get a low cost over the counter whiten product like Creast whitening strips. They seem to work well. Just do not over use them.

  3. Katty Says:

    I am not sure about the banana peels and how they work but orange peels have acid in them that does help to whiten out your teeth but as one reply suggested can over time wear down your tooth enamel.

    You do not want to do that because there is no way to re build tooth enamel back up. I would also use an over the counter whiten treatment that I could better afford. Also try avoiding staining your teeth inorder to keep them white after your whitening treatment.

  4. Young Says:

    I just use bakening soda. It help to whiten my teeth and once my teeth got whiter I stop using it as much. I also drink my coffee though a straw and use whitening toothpaste to keep my teeth their whitest.

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