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Dental for less, Need a low cost plan for Dentures

Will your any of your dental plans you have list cover for new dentures?  I really need help.  My old dentures are old and ill fitting.  I found a few dental insurance plans that will cover for new ones but I am told I have to wait a year.

I do not want to have to continue to deal with my bad fitting dentures.  Your plans say they start the next business day with no waiting periods but I do not see dentures listed.  Maybe I am just not seeing it but can you advise please

Posted on Nov. 6th 2010, by Dental, in Dentures, 1 Comment »

Dental for less, A good Individual dental insurance plan

I do not have dental insurance and I can not get it though my job.  I seriously  need to see a dentist since it as been over four years since I last seen one.    I had dental insurance with my parents at that time.

I can not afford much on my own right now but I would like a dental insurance plan that will offer free preventive treatment and is not too costly on filling in case I may need one.  I live in VA and would like to see a dentist soon.  Can you please help.

Posted on Oct. 21st 2010, by Dental, in Dental Insurance, 1 Comment »

Dental for less, Looking for some home remedies to whiten teeth

I’ve had yellow teeth now fro many years and I really dislike how they look.  I brush and floss my teeth regularly.  I go to the dentist twice a year and have no cavities.   My teeth are just yellow.  I do not have the money to waste on whitening treatment done by the dentist since my dental insurance will not cover for it.   Any low cost ideas or home remedies that I can try to get a whiter smile?

Posted on Sep. 12th 2010, by Dental, in Teeth Whitening, 3 Comments »

Dental for less, looking to get a dental root canal done

I am in need of a root canal and I am told by my dentist I will also more then likely need to have it crowned.  I do not have dental insurance and been paying for my own dental care.  However when the cost is going to be more then my credit care limit I start to really realize that I need some help.

I am looking for dental insurance where I can stay with my dentist and not have to long of a waiting period.  My tooth does not hurt right now and the dentist said I could try and baby it for a while but says it should be done as soon a possible.  He told me the plans they take normally have waiting periods so I am aware of them just looking for the best possible plan.  Thanks.

Posted on Aug. 28th 2010, by Dental, in Insurance Coverages, 3 Comments »

Dental for less, Not sure if I need braces.

My teeth are yellowish and my eye teeth are very pointy and slightly crooked.   Also about a year ago I lost a tooth which I did not really mind since it had a black spot on it.  The thing is now I have a gap that is in the back of my mouth.

My gums are red and do bleed a little when I brush so I am not sure if getting braces now would be a good idea.  I am also not sure if I need to have braces.  Would getting braces help?

Posted on Aug. 13th 2010, by Dental, in Braces, Dental help, 3 Comments »

Dental for less, Teeth whitening strips

My teeth are not as white as I would like them to be.  And since my dental insurance will not cover anything for whitening treatments from my dentist, I bought Listerine whitening strips.

I am just wondering if they really work or was it a waste of my money?  I am going to try them since I got them but is there anything I should know about whiten strips first?

Posted on Aug. 11th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Teeth Whitening, No Comments »

Dental for less, Need a dental implant.

I am twenty-five and have two baby teeth.  I really do not like them since they are in the front were people can see that they look much smaller then the other teeth I have.  Can I get dental implants to make they look like real adult teeth?  If so what type of dental plan would  I need to get?  Or would having baby teeth at twenty-five be preexisting and not covered under dental insurance.

Posted on Aug. 1st 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Dental Insurance, Dental Plans, Implants, 5 Comments »

Dental for less, Looking for a low cost dental plan for my daughter

My daughter is 23 and will be getting drop from my current dental plan do to her age.  Since I get my dental with my job I need to find a plan just for her.  I am still willing to pay for her dental insurance as long as she is in school.

However, I would still like a low cost plan.  Something that offer good over all dental coverages. She does not need any major dental work but I want her to still be able to see the dentist on a regular bases.  What can you suggest.

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Posted on Jul. 27th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Dental Insurance, Dental Plans, Dentists, 2 Comments »

Dental for Less, What is the point in having dental insurance.

Okay around two year ago I had to have two of my wisdom teeth removed.  The dentist charged my dental insurance company at the time $3500 My plan covered 60 percent of that which I thought was good. So my cost was $1400 plus my  $40 deductible.

So live goes on.  Two weeks ago my friend had to also get two wisdom teeth removed.  She lives on a low income and did not have dental insurance like I did. So she had to pay in cash.  The dentist only charged  $750.00 per tooth costing her $1500.00.
When she told me this I was like what the heck was up with that.  I had insurance and had to pay almost as much as she did without insurance.   So to me it is quite clear that if you have dental insurance the dental office is going to stick it to you in order to get more money out of you.  Because if you do not have insurance you probably can not afford to pay $3500.00.
There should be a law again a dentist adjusting their charges like that.  Otherwise what is the point in me having $25.00 dollars taken out of my paycheck each time to just get rib off at a dental office for having dental insurance.
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Posted on Jul. 21st 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Dental Insurance, Dentists, No Comments »

Dental for less, Getting dental braces.

Getting Started – Dental Insurance Plans and Braces

Research should be done finding a qualified dentist in the area of the policyholder before the purchase of cheap dental insurance for braces is made.  Once a qualified dentist has been found, the policyholder should mention the dental insurance for braces plan to the dental receptionist and confirm the costs associated with establishing a patient doctor relationship for receiving braces.  One is to get the classic dental insurance for braces, and the other is to get a dental discount plan.

Also, when you consider dental insurance for braces, you should remember to check whether your dental insurance provider offers a long list of dentists or orthodontists and how much freedom you will have in choosing which dentist you want.  If you have dental insurance for braces then you will get other benefits in addition to your policy.  Dental insurance for braces allows people to make this extremely expensive service available, and decrease the on-budget expenditures.  Consider getting a dental insurance for braces, especially if you are going to have them applied.  So if you are thinking about getting a professional orthodontist service your finances are surely to be planned and you are to have a special kind of dental insurance for braces.

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Posted on Jul. 19th 2010, by Dental, in Braces, Dental help, Dental Insurance, No Comments »

Dental for Less, Need dental insurance in GA

I am out here in Georgia looking for a low cost dental insurance plan.   When it comes to buying dental insurance it has been a process for me that I have not enjoyed.  I am sixty-seven and I am not the most inter net savvy person.

I tried but gave up.  Now I would just like some advise on the plans you have to offer.    I am looking for a low cost dental plan that I can use for my dental maintenance.   I do not need nothing to big I am just trying my best to keep down my cost.

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Posted on Jul. 17th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Dental Insurance, Dental Plans, No Comments »

Dental for Less, Where can I go to get cheap dental insurance

I do not have alot of money.  I guess that is true for many people right now but as for me I really can not spend too much for dental insurance.  I live in FL on a very fixed income.   I can only spend around $15.00 for dental insurance.

Now I know I could get a dental discount plan for around that amount monthly but I really would perfer a dental insurance plan.  I have no real dental need currently but you do not know what the future brings.  Can you help me?

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Posted on Jul. 13th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Dental Insurance, Dental Plans, No Comments »

Dental for Less, Where do you find a free dentist.

I am looking for  a dentist that is willing to do some expensive dental work for free.   It is not for me but for my fourteen year old son.  My son has had bad teeth from his first tooth.  He got bad dental carries on all of his baby teeth that made them come out way to soon and then a course it effected his adult teeth and how they started to come in.

I did take him to the dentist but my insurance would only cover so much at a time that I could never keep up with his dental needs.  I feel terrible that I failed him but I am still not able to get him braces to fix his teeth and give him a nice smile.  He is such a good boy and he should get better then this.

The dentist says at least his teeth are stronger and he does not have any cavities issues with his adult teeth he only really needs braces to straighten them out because they are so crooked.  I need dentist willing to give up their time to help my son.  Where would I start looking for something like this?   Who do I call for help?

Posted on Jun. 20th 2010, by Dental, in Braces, Dental help, 2 Comments »

Dental for less, Need treatement for gum disease.

I need to see a Periodontist since it seems I have very bad gums.  I been going to the dentist for my teeth an although I do not have any cavities my gums would hurt.  He  did do a deep cleaning but my gums still bleed and they are still very red.

If I do not have insurance will I need to have a referal to see a Periodontist?  Or can I just go to one on my own.  I have the money I just never bother getting dental insurance because to me dental insurance never insured what I wanted or had really long term waiting period.

Posted on Jun. 19th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Gingivitis, Gum Pain, No Comments »

Dental for Less, Dental work needed on a two year old

What do you do if your general dentist that you been going to does do dental work on children that are younger the five?  My insurance plan does not cover for me to take her to a pediatric dentist because they do not cover for specialist.

Do all general dentist not help two years old.  My son is really well behaved and I not see him having any problems with going to a dentist because he likes everyone.   What can I do or say to get a general dentist to see my son.  I would hate to have to wait  until he is five to see the dentist.

Posted on Jun. 18th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Dentists, 1 Comment »

Dental for Less, Family dental plans that includes a 21 year old son not in school

I have a family of five.  Including my husband  I have two girls that are 14 – 16 and one son who is 21. My husband changed jobs and his current job does not offer dental insurance.  Since we have to buy our own dental insurance plan I am looking for a dental plan that will accept my son who still lives at home but does not currently go to school.

My son teeth are not bad but like everyone else in our family he still has to see the dentist twice a year.   I want him to have some dental coverage.  If he does not get a free cleaning and X-rays he will not go to the dentist unless I pay.  Do you have a plan that will fit my need for my son?

Posted on Jun. 15th 2010, by Dental, in Cleaning, Dental help, Dental Insurance, Insurance Coverages, 1 Comment »

Dental for Less, Need major dental work have no dental insurance

I really need your help and advise.   I am 24 with a really bad tooth ache.  I have not seen the dentist in well a long time.  I pretty sure I have at least a cavity issue going on at worse I may even need a root canal which means a crown too.  I am not sure since I am not a dentist what I will really need.  I only know that there is no way I am able to have any waiting periods for dental service.   I really need something that start ASAP  I am in that much pain.   Can you advise on what type of plan will help me with my current needs.   Thanks

Posted on Jun. 15th 2010, by Dental, in Crowns, Dental help, Filings, Insurance Coverages, Root Canals, 1 Comment »

Dental for less, Toothache pain for the past four days.

I have not been in to see the dentist since I do not know when.  I never had any dental insurance and I work on and off when I can so as you can guess I do not have a lot of money.  I have been dealing with one of my teeth that hurts on and off.   Only within the last for days it really hurts more often and I am not sure what to do about it.  I can not afford to see a dentist so how can I make this  pain stop?

Posted on Jun. 6th 2010, by Dental, in Cavities, Tooth Aches, 2 Comments »

Dental for less, I need a dentist in central florida that accepts my medicaid.

I am on medicaid and I have been told that I should be able to also get some dental help.  I am 76 with all my teeth.  I never had a cavity in my life since I have always taken really good care of my teeth.  I am not a smoker and in good health for my age.  However with all this I can not seem to find a dentist that takes medicaid card  and offers me lower rates  for their dental services.  Where do I find such a dentist that helps out medicaid people since I am on a low income any saving would be nice to have.

Posted on Jun. 5th 2010, by Dental, in Cleaning, Dental help, Dentists, No Comments »

Dental for Less, Where do you find Dental for Less?

I am looking for a low cost dental office I am sick of having to pay $100.00 for just a cleaning.  I have been going to the same dentist for over three years but it seems to me he keep increasing his cost each time I see  him.  I have been paying for my dental needs out of my own pocket since I do not have dental insurance.

I see no point in getting dental insurance when my teeth are in very good shape and all I do is get two cleaning and a set of X rays a year.  I have called another dentist my friend says she goes to but they tell me without insurance their cost is $150.00 for cleaning and X-rays.  Do dentist just make you pay more if you do not have insurance because they are getting their money up front?  This seems like a scam to me.  Were are the cheep or low cost dentist everyone talks about?

Posted on Jun. 3rd 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Dental Insurance, Dentists, No Comments »

Dental for Less, How much would a bridge cost and is it permanent?

I am missing four teeth on the  bottom left side of my mouth.  I do have teeth on either side of the gap so I am thinking I could get a bridge.  I have had my teeth missing now for some time and I really hate it.  I have been slowly saving up my money in order to fix up my teeth.  Does anyone have an idea on just how much getting a dental bridge would cost me?  I called three dentist but they said they could not tell me any cost without seeing me first.   I told them that I just wanted an idea of cost but even that seemed to much for them.    Please advise so I know if I have enough money if I still need to be saving up some more.

Posted on Jun. 2nd 2010, by Dental, in Bridges, Dental help, Dentists, No Comments »

Dental for less, Had a Fractured tooth pulled will not stop bleeding

My mom just had a fractured tooth pulled about an hour ago  and it will not stop bleeding.  She has been home now for the last thirty minutes and were the tooth was pulled is still bleeding and making her sick to her stomach.   What can she do to help stop the bleeding.  I hate to see her not feeling well and although she says she is not in to much pain from having the extraction she is still sick from the blood.

Posted on May. 29th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Extractions, No Comments »

Dental for Less, Do Orange and Banana peels Whiten your Teeth?

Hello,  I was told by a friend that if you want to have a cheap way to whiten your teeth you can use orange or banana peels.  I would like to know if that is true?  If so does it do any damage to your teeth?  Also just how would you go about using the peels to whiten you teeth?

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