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Dental 4 Less, Bad Breath What are the Natural Treatments?

Having bad breath is a common complaint that afflicts many people. It is caused by the presence of bacteria in the oral cavity. Bacterial growth can occur due to many reasons, and in many places that may cause a foul odor to emanate from your mouth. Usually the most common reason is infrequent brushing leading to bacterial decomposition of leftover food particles in your mouth and in between your teeth.  The disintegrating food particles may cause foul odors to emanate from your mouth, from the skin of your tongue, the gaps in your teeth from under the gums.

Certain kinds of food and drink are also responsible as they have strong smells as well, like onions, cheese, tobacco, and garlic. Bad breath may also be caused by throat infections, dental decay, worms in the intestinal tract, constipation, gum diseases, gastritis, and accumulation of food between the teeth. In short, any sort of bacterial build up in the gastrointestinal tract can lead to bad breath.

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Dental 4 Less, Your gums and bad breath issues

Keeping your gums healthy is an important part of having good oral health but it also helps to control bad breath issues.  Gum disease, is a common cause of bad breath. Bacteria gather in pockets at the base of teeth, creating bad odors. If you have gum disease, your dentist may recommend a periodontist, who specializes in treating this condition.

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Dental 4 Less, What Bad Breath Could Mean.

The most likely causes of bad breath is poor oral hygiene or gum disease, but bad breath can also signal a sinus infection, especially if you can still notices the odor when you exhale through your nose.

Bad breath can also be caused by acid reflux. According to a study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, it found a strong association between gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) symptoms and bad breath, or sleep apnea, because people with sleep apnea are more likely to breath through their mouths at night, which can lead to dry mouth (another cause of bad breath).

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Dental care for bad breath.

Dental care for bad breath.  I need help I have always had bad breath issues.  I do everything I can to control it.  I brush my teeth twice to three times a day.  I have mints and gum on me at all time.  I try not to eat anything I know that will cause my breath to get worse.  But nothing really helps me get rid of my bad breath issues.


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Oral Health care fighting bad breath

I need some help or some very sound advise.  I have an issue with having bad breath.  It is not terrible like I offend someone just by talking but I can not get too close to people without worrying about it.

I use to have mints or gum in my mouth at all times but my girl friend at the time would say how it bugged her that I am always chewing on something.  I did not want to say why I do since she was the one that pointed out my bad breath in the first place.   We are not together but I do like another girl and do not want my breath to be an issue.  I would like some better advise then chewing gum or mints.  Thanks

Posted on Jan. 13th 2011, by Dental, in Bad breath ?, 4 Comments »

Dental care, My best friend has bad breath !!

OMG my best friend has had bad breath for almost as long as I know him.  I am 15 and my other friends always make fun behind his back.  I really do not know what the issue is and why he had bad smelling breath.

I did off handly asked him once and he said he does not know since he brushes his teeth every morning.  I did not want to continue talking about it because Idid not want to hurt his feelings.  He has nice looking teeth so it not like he has yuck mouth or anything.

Is there anything he can do that I may be albe to bring up again?  My girl friends are starting to get on me about it and although I have know him for a long time now I do not like being made fun of because I have a friend that stinks.

Posted on Nov. 17th 2010, by Dental, in Bad breath ?, 4 Comments »

Dental care, will brushing with baking soda help my bad breath

I know that some people say that brushing with baking soda will help to whiten your teeth and that cool and all but will it help my bad breath?  I was told if I started brushing with baking soda it would totally get rid of bad breath but I would have to use it all the time I brushed.

Would that mess up my teeth if I do that?  I think I saw that over use of baking soda could damage your teeth.  I feel that I a  damn if I do or damn if I do not.  What is right

Posted on Nov. 17th 2010, by Dental, in Bad breath ?, 2 Comments »

Stinky Breath, dental care need help

I seem to have stinky breath no matter what I do.  I brush before going out in the morning but by lunch my breath stinks.  I have mints but after awhile they just upset my tummy so I do not like eating to many.  I am not allowed to chew gum at work so I do not do that.  Any suggestions so that I will not keep offending  any one with my breath

Posted on Oct. 17th 2010, by Dental, in Bad breath ?, 3 Comments »

Oral Hygiene care, Love my girlfriend hate her bad breath

I have this really nice girl friend and I really do like her a lot.  The thing is when we first started going out things were find but lately I have been noticing she has really bad breath a lot of the time.  Now I know she brushes her teeth and I seen her floss before too.

I do not think it is because she does not have good oral hygiene since everything else about her is clean.  I even told her once it I know she felt bad but she brushed her teeth right then before we went out but by the time we came back her breath was bad again.  What would make her have bad breath and is there any advise I can give her.  Not to be mean but this will start to become a issue with us if it goes on.

Posted on Sep. 13th 2010, by Dental, in Bad breath ?, 3 Comments »

Dental Health, How do you get rid of bad breath

I am so embarrassed about my breath.  I always have bad breath no mater how many times I brush my teeth.  I use mint and chewing gum but they only help during the time they are in my mouth.  Not to long after they are gone does my breath start to stink again.   My friend calls me dog breath thinking he is funny but although I laugh it off it really does hurt my feelings.   What can I do about it?  Can a dentist do something about bad breath?  Please advise I would totally go to the dentist if it would help me control my breath issues.

Posted on Jun. 20th 2010, by Dental, in Bad breath ?, Dental help, No Comments »
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