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Tooth Extraction – Dental 4 Less

I have a molar that has need to be pulled out because it is decayed and chipped but I will have to wait four years before I can get a dental implant. Is there anything I can do instead of getting it pulled? 

Answer: I am not sure why you would need to wait four years to get an implant unless it is about cost and it will take you that long to save for the money. Either way though, it is very risky to leave such a tooth in your mouth. Since you stated that the tooth has started to decayed, doing nothing will only make the decay worse. If you are not in pain now it will not take long before you will be.

Also it can lead to an abscess which is an infection. Any infection is not good but in your mouth it can quickly cause other larger health issues if not treated ASAP.  

You can pull the tooth and deal with having a gap. Or you can pull the tooth and talk to your dentist about other non implant options until you can afford it latter on. Please think twice about doing nothing for four years the issue will only get worse and more costly.

Posted on Aug. 1st 2022, by Gina, in Dental Insurance, Extractions, No Comments »

Pennsylvania Dental Plans, Pulling baby teeth, do you need to go to the dentist

One of my son’s baby teeth is all wiggly and due to come out.  However it has been like that for a few days and my mom is getting on my case about taking him into the dentist to have it pulled.   I do not want to spend the extra money for something like that.  Don’t baby teeth come out on their own if given enough time to do so?

Posted on Nov. 28th 2010, by Dental, in Extractions, No Comments »

Dental care, will having teeth pulled hurt?

I never had to have any major dental care.  I take really good care of my teeth by brushing three times a day and flossing not only that but I see my dentist four time a year for checks and cleaning.  I can not stand bad teeth whether they are mine or someone else’s.

My dentist told me that my bottom two wisdom teeth needs to be pulled soon before they start coming out since they are a little sideways they will start to cause problems.  For some reason I only show that I have bottom wisdom teeth in the X-Rays but not top ones.

Anyway I am a little scared over this event and even though I made an appointment what should I expect?  Is it painful and if so how long normally

Posted on Nov. 12th 2010, by Dental, in Extractions, 3 Comments »

Two extractions needed for bad teeth

I am really worried about having to have two of my back molars pulled.  The dentist told me that they can not be saved so I have to have them pulled and bridged.   I never had this much dental work done and I am kind of scared.  Will it hurt?  I am not going to be put to sleep because otherwise I would have to go to a specialist and my dental insurance would not cover for me to go to an oral surgeon.

Posted on Oct. 9th 2010, by Dental, in Extractions, 1 Comment »

Dental health care, Wisdom teeth extraction

So I had two of my wisdom teeth removed and I am still bleeding from the extraction sites.  It has been one day already so how long will it take for the bleeeding to completely stop.   The taste of the blood is making me sick and the gauze is buging me.  Is there anything I can do to help speed things up?

Posted on Sep. 6th 2010, by Dental, in Extractions, No Comments »

Dental insurance for braces, Crooked teeth issues

I have very crooked teeth since I was a kid.  I want to get them fixed so I was thinking about getting braces and talking to an Orthodontic dentist for a consult.  What I am worried is that I heard tales that in order to straighten out your teeth sometimes they have to pull out a few teeth.

I am not worried about the braces I can deal with that but I really do not want have to have any teeth pulled.  Pulling teeth is scary to me and I do not like being in pain.  Is it true that the Orthodontic dentist may have to pull my teeth.

Posted on Jun. 18th 2010, by Dental, in Braces, Dental Fear, Dental help, Extractions, 1 Comment »

Have Dental Insurance, Getting five teeth extracted

I will be having five teeth pulled.  I have aways had bad teeth even when I was a kid.  Now I am having five teeth pulled so I can have top dentures.  I know it will make my smile looks so much better that I do not care that the dentist is pulling out my bad teeth.  My question is I have to take some time off from work to have my dental work done.  About how many days should I ask off for recovery  time?   I do not want to have to go to my job while I am still in pain,  since I deal with many different people all day long.   I admit  that I am not the nicest person to be around if I am not feeling well.

Posted on Jun. 4th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Extractions, No Comments »

Dental help, Tooth extraction, I need Valium to relax

I am having to get two teeth pulled and the dentist that will be pulling them will not be giving me Valium.  I told the dentist that I really do not like dentist or having to have dental work done.  I get really scared and nervous to the point that it makes me sick.  I was told that she does not use Valium but would numb me up so that I will not feel anything.  First is that possible to numb me up well enough that I will not feel any type of pain?  Second do all family dentist not use Valium?  I do not have insurance that covers me to go to a surgeon but can not understand why a general dentist refuses to use Valium.

Posted on Jun. 4th 2010, by Dental, in Dental Fear, Dental help, Extractions, No Comments »

Dental for less, Had a Fractured tooth pulled will not stop bleeding

My mom just had a fractured tooth pulled about an hour ago  and it will not stop bleeding.  She has been home now for the last thirty minutes and were the tooth was pulled is still bleeding and making her sick to her stomach.   What can she do to help stop the bleeding.  I hate to see her not feeling well and although she says she is not in to much pain from having the extraction she is still sick from the blood.

Posted on May. 29th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Extractions, No Comments »

Dental Insurance, Wisdom Teeth Extraction

I will be having all four of my wisdom teeth pulled that my dental insurance will be paying for.  I am not worried about the cost of having my wisdom teeth pulled but would like to know how the dentist goes about pulling wisdom teeth.   I know I will be put to sleep but will I feel anything during the process?  Will I be in a lot of pain afterwords.  What should I expect?

Posted on May. 28th 2010, by Dental, in Extractions, Oral Sugery, No Comments »
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