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New York Supplement Dental Insurance plans

New York Supplement Dental Insurance plans:  I was told that you can get a supplemental dental insurance plan to help off set the cost of dental services that your main plan does not pay for.   I have a dental plan from work but the max limitation is not very high and I seem to go over the UCR fees.  Would get a supplemental dental insurance plan help me off set my max limitation and keep my cost within the UCR fees as well?

Posted on Jan. 28th 2011, by Dental, in Supplemental Dental, 2 Comments »

Supplemental Dental Insurance or dual coverages

I hear that you can have two dental insurance plan working together in order to save you more money off your dental cost but I can not seem to find anything on it.  My dental office tells me they will only take one plan.  Not two.  So how do you get two plans working together and what dental offices deal with two plans.

Right now I have my dental though work but it is only a 1000 max which is not much coverages when you may need a crown or something more then a cleaning.

Posted on Oct. 15th 2010, by Dental, in Supplemental Dental, 3 Comments »

Dental Insurance, Supplement Dental Insurance

Supplemental dental insurance is an individual or family insurance policy purchased to cover a portion of the dental costs. Supplemental dental insurance will normally not cover the entire dental care procedure.

If you have a primary dental insurance plan that you purchased or your employer provided, the supplemental dental policy typically covers the remaining dental bill.  For example, if the dental plan policy covers half of the dental cost, the secondary or supplement dental insurance plan should cover the remaining balance of your dental procedure.

A supplement dental insurance plan may also be purchased to cover the dental charges when there are annual dental benefit plan limits or exclusions.

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