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Affordable family dental insurance that will not make you pay upfront for dental services.  

Question: I need to find a family dental plan where we can all go to the dentist whenever we need to and pay the dental office bills after the dental insurance company pays their part before making us pay our share of the cost.

In the past, we had plans to pay the dentist upfront for the total cost of our dental services and wait for the insurance company to refund us. In this day and age, who can afford to do that? I know we can not. 

Those types of dental insurance plans keep us from going to the dentist, and at that point, I do not see paying $120 a month for a dental insurance plan we do not even use because we can not pay upfront for dental services. What options are left for us that would be more affordable?

Reply: Welcome! I hope you are doing well today. I want to discuss dental insurance plans and how claims are processed. I can understand why the claims process can be upsetting, particularly regarding how claims are paid. Let me assure you that you are not alone. Many people have questions about dental insurance plans and how they work.

Based on what you have told me, you have either a dental PPO or an Indemnity dental insurance plan. If you like the plan benefits and coverages overall and it is just about how claims are paid, consider talking to your dentist. With dental PPO and Indemnity plans, the payment process and how the dentist gets paid is really up to the dental office. It does not typically come from your insurance company.

The dentist can choose to submit the claim and get paid by the insurance company before billing out any remaining balances to their patient. In the past, many dental offices processed claims that way. However, sadly, many patients would fail to pay their part, and then the dentist’s office would have to chase them down for payment. This is why many dental offices have started billing their patients in full and making them file claims to the insurance company to get paid back (refunded) the part due them.

Some dental offices charge you what they think your part of the cost would be based on your policy coverages, then bill or credit you depending on the outcome. However, few dentists still do this, as it can still be an issue of fully getting paid for services already rendered.

Based on what we have discussed, it is not an issue with the insurance plan per se but more of knowing how your dentist is willing to file claims and how they expect you to pay for services. Therefore, if you are still facing issues with your dental insurance plan, you may need to change your dental office, not your dental insurance plan. I hope this information was helpful to you. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Dental Discount Plans

Dental 4 Less, Dental Discount Plans

You will want to use caution with this type of dental plan since it is not insurance. The managing organizations have negotiated with local dental offices to establish a set price for a particular dental procedure and offer deep discounts (some up to 70%) off the regular ADA pricing code.

This plan has several advantages over traditional dental insurance plans, namely, there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions. This allows a patient to receive immediate coverage for work without meeting any waiting period requirements.

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Dental 4 Less, Dental Discount Plans

Dental Discount Plan for Preventive Dental Care

All I want to do is to be able to get my two cleaning a year and check up.  My teeth are great I never had even one cavity.   I would just like to have something in place for just in case and preventive care.

I been reviewing your Careington dental discount plan which off hand looks good to me, since it does not cost much and start right away.  Is there anything I should do or know before buying.  Never had a discount plan so just checking it out.  Thanks

Reply: Dental discount plan are a great low cost alternative to a high cost dental insurance. The main thing is making sure you have a dentist in the plan you want to go to. Call and confirm with the dental offices that are listed under the plan, to make sure they are still accepting the plan before buying it.

Otherwise you can see your discounted costs for dental services that are listed and for all other dental services not listed you will still receive around a 20% discounted saving.

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Dental 4 Less, Insurance for Cosmetic Services

Are there any dental insurance plans that covers for cosmetic dental services?  My current dental plan will not cover for me to have any dental cosmetic services such as teeth whitening, veneers or dental implants. That said I would still like to have some help with the cost of cosmetic dental services.  I have yet to find a dental insurance that will cover for cosmetic services.

Reply: Most dental insurance plan to not offer benefits/coverage’s for cosmetic dental care services. So it may be hard to find one that dose. However you may want to review a  dental discount plan options such as Careington. With a dental discount plan you save off all your dental care needs including cosmetic services.  Generally your average discounted saving on cosmetic dental services is around 15% to 20% not bad on a plan that cost you less then $10.00 a month for an individual.

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Dental Discounts plans in California

Question: Does buying a dental discount plan really offer you true saving?  How do you know if you are really getting much of a saving by buying a dental discount plan? Is there a way of comparing what they say your discount rate is to real dentist cost to know that you are truly getting good saving off the plan?

Answer: Discount dental plans are designed to help reduce your over all dental cost. Do they save you money? Yes dental discount plans do what they say the do they help reduce your total dental care cost.  You only need to start calling around a few dentist stating you do not have insurance and get a quote based on that to see for a $10.00 a month or less dental discount plan it is truly saving you money off your dental care needs.   I suggest that you review the plans in question and call the dentist under the plans to confirm they are still accepting the plan. If you do that you should not have any problems with buying a dental discount plan.

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Dental discount plans, Do they help you with cosmetic services too

I need to have a few dental services that my current dental insurance plan will not cover since they are stating it is cosmetic dental work.  I do not see it that way because I am not asking for any thing that does not have to be done.

Any way that aside I see you offer dental discount plans.  I been looking at the fee schedules that are listed for each plan but do not see the dental services I need listed.  Does that mean they are not covered either?

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Dental discount plans, what is your experiences with them

I do not have dental insurance and I need a low cost dental plan since it is looking like I may need to have my bridge fixed.   I do not have a lot of money and was thinking about getting a discount dental  plan.  Are the good plans to get?  Do that really help you save money off  the cost of dental services.

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Dental Discount plans, looking for a good discount saving plan for dental

I am 19 and out on my own.  I am just looking for a low cost dental discount plan that offers some really good discounts for dental services.  I have nothing wrong with my teeth currently but since I only getting medical though my job I want to get some dental help just in case I ever need it.

Looking over so many discount plans I am not sure which one is the best one to get they seem all alike to me.  Any advise to help me pick a plan?

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Dental discount plans, What are the pro and cons of getting one?

I have been reviewing your dental insurance as well as the discount plans you have to offer.  I also been to other website that offer many of the same dental plan.   I am still deciding on which one I really want.

My family say to get dental insurance but I think that because that is all they know since they never had any dental discount plans to compare.   Can you offer up some pros as well as cons about buying a dental discount plan over dental insurance?

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Dental Discount plans, Is Careington dental plan 500 any good?

I have been reviewing your plans and I think that the discount plan choice would be the best for me at this time since I do need major dental services and can not afford to waiting out the waiting periods your other plans have.  I just would like to know does a discount really work as well as they make you belive?  Can you explain to me how a discount plan works so I am sure I understand what I would be buying?

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Dental discount plans, Anestheia for tooth extractions.

I need to have three teeth pulled.   I was looking at your discount plans since I need to have this dental work done ASAP.  I am in a lot of pain and can not aford to wait for dental coverages.  That said I do not see anywhere on the plans about anestheis.   I am a big baby and I will not have my teeth pulled while I am awake.  What kind of discounts if any do you get for being put to sleep?

Posted on Jul. 31st 2010, by Dental, in Dental Fear, Dental help, Dental Plans, 1 Comment »

Dental Discount plans, Do you still get quality dental care

So I have been thinking about picking up a dental discount plan until my current dental insurance plan waiting periods are over.  On my current dental insurance,  I still have another ten months before I have no waiting period for any dental services.

However I am worried that on a dental discount plan you may not get the same quality of dental care.  I need two filling nothing to big but I want them done now.  Are the dentist in a discount plan just as good as dentist that do not take discount plans?

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Dental Discount Plans, How does a dental disount plan work

I am thinking about getting the Careington discount plan you offer on your web site.  I read most of it but would like to make sure how it works?  Do I have to pay the dentist in full and submit the receipts to get my discount saving from Careington?

Am I am able to go out side there net work to different dentist?  My dentist I am currently going to is not on your list.  I am okay with changing provider but it would be cool if I could keep her.  Can you advise.  Thanks.

Posted on Jul. 3rd 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Dental Plans, 2 Comments »
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