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Georgia dental insurance that will cover the cost of white fillings for my cavities

Georgia dental insurance that will cover the cost of white fillings for my cavities.  Right now I have about eight silver filling in my adult teeth that I had done when I as a teen.  I am 25 now and I would like to have all the ugly silver filling removed so I can have them changed out to white or tooth color fillings.

I hate my teeth having the old fillings it was okay when I was a teen since that was what my parents could afford at the time.  I would like to get a dental plan that will help me with getting new filling but my current one will only give me white filling on new cavities so I would not be covered to just have them changed out.

Posted on Mar. 3rd 2011, by Dental, in Filings, No Comments »

Are gold dental fillings still done

My mom has three gold filling that was done when she was very young.  I know most people do not get gold filling they get white or sliver.  But what if you want gold?  Are there any dentist that will still use gold for filling?  Just wondering.  Right now I am cavity free.

Posted on Oct. 13th 2010, by Dental, in Filings, 2 Comments »

Dental care, In need of dental fillings.

I live in Ontario CA and I am in need of having at least two filling done.  I am new immigrant and only been here for two months so far.   I do not have dental insurance and very little money so I can not pay for dental work.  Where can I go to get free dental work?

Posted on Aug. 12th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Filings, 1 Comment »

Trying to afford dental service, But I have no dental insurance

My husband is self employed and although I work I work only part time so I do not get dental insurance offer to me.   My husband and I are already paying for our health insurance which is over $200.00 a month so you think they would offer dental but they don’t.

I now have a toothache so I know at least I need a filling done.  How do I afford having dental work done when I do not have dental insurance?  I have called a dental clinic about my dental needs but was told the soonest they can get me in is two months from now.  They can only take me in sooner if I was having severe dental pain. Which to me dose not make sence since in two more month I just may be in severe dental pain.  I could use some help.

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Posted on Jul. 9th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Dental Insurance, Dentists, Filings, Tooth Aches, No Comments »

Dental Insurance, How do I make sure that my dental work is covered.

I need to have three filling and one crown for a cracked back molar.  I do have dental insurance but when I ask the dental office staffing what I am covered for and for how much they do not seem to know or will not give me a direct answer.

I told the counter girl that I do not what to have any dental work done that I am not going to be covered for.  I get two free cleaning and check ups that why I know what I current need to have done. I was told that my policy pay on a percent of my dental services however they do not know the final billing until after my insurance company pays the bill.  Then they will charge me any remaining differences.

Well this does not work for me.  What happen if I get stuck with a bill I can not afford to pay.  This dental office does not offer a billing plan so I would need to pay the bill off when I get it.  I want to know a head of time.  Is this possible or do I have to hope that the bill stays low enough for me to pay.

Posted on Jun. 21st 2010, by Dental, in Crowns, Dental Claims, Dental help, Dental Insurance, Filings, 2 Comments »

Low Cost Dental, Want to change silver fillings to white colored fillings.

Is there a low cost dental plan that will cover me to change my silver filling to white or tooth colored fillings?  I got the silver filling when I was a child since that was really all they had at the time.  Now that I am much older I would like to change out the silver filling to a more natural tooth color fillings.

Mostly I want this done for looks since I do not like the way the silver filling look.  However, I  heard that silver filling were not very good for  you so that is the other reason I want to make this change.  So I am looking for a plan that can help me with the cost.

Dental for Less, Need major dental work have no dental insurance

I really need your help and advise.   I am 24 with a really bad tooth ache.  I have not seen the dentist in well a long time.  I pretty sure I have at least a cavity issue going on at worse I may even need a root canal which means a crown too.  I am not sure since I am not a dentist what I will really need.  I only know that there is no way I am able to have any waiting periods for dental service.   I really need something that start ASAP  I am in that much pain.   Can you advise on what type of plan will help me with my current needs.   Thanks

Posted on Jun. 15th 2010, by Dental, in Crowns, Dental help, Filings, Insurance Coverages, Root Canals, 1 Comment »

Dental Insurance Coverages, How do I compare dental coverages

Hi I was on your site and I live in California.  I was looking at the Golden West dental plan.  I need help in understanding the coverages.   I know I am going to need a cleaning more then likely a deep cleaning since it has been some time since I last saw a dentist.

I also think filling will be necessary too.  I been having issues with two of my teeth.  They seem to hurt off and on.  Any way when I look at the plan there are a Doz or more filling and I am not sure where to find a deep cleaning.  That is the same for a crown there is like seven different cost for crowns.  How am I to know what one is needed so I can figure out my cost for those services and compare it to your other plans.   Please advise

Low Cost Dental Services, How do you get a second dental opinion?

So I have been told by my dentist that I need to have two fillings and a deep cleaning.  All this dental work would total out to $434.00.  The deep cleanings  being the most costly.   I like my dentist but she keeps getting more and more expensive for her dental services.

How would I shop out this dental work that I need to have in order to see if I can get a lower rate for those services?  I do not want to say the wrong thing so that if I do get a lower rate it is really a lower which will not change when I get there.

Posted on Jun. 12th 2010, by Dental, in Cleaning, Dental help, Dentists, Filings, No Comments »

Broken Tooth Needs a Root Canal, What Do I Do?

I had a root canal done on one of my back molars.   The root canal was done about two months ago.  I was to go back in for the crown so I only had a temp crown on.  That came off a month latter.  Since my appointment to go back was next month I did nothing about it. Now when I was eating something part of tooth with the root canal broke off.  Now I have a hole in my tooth.  My appoint is in three more days.  The dentist was going to put the new crown on.  What will he do now?  Will I still get my crown?
Posted on May. 25th 2010, by Dental, in Dental Fear, Filings, Oral Sugery, Root Canals, 3 Comments »
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