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Dental 4 Less, Dental Plans Alternatives for Seniors

One large problem for many seniors in taking care of their oral and dental health is cost. The cost of seeing a dentist exceeds their budget. That is because many seniors do not have dental insurance and the cost of dental insurance can also exceed their budget. However there is a low cost dental alternative for seniors. Dental discount plans are available in most states they run around $10.00 a month and greatly reduce dental care cost. Making dental care more affordable.

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Dental 4 Less, Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a fixed dental restoration used to replace a missing tooth by joining an artificial tooth permanently to adjacent teeth or dental implants.

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Dental 4 Less, What is Local Anesthesia

 Local Anesthesia: The loss of pain sensation over a specific area of the anatomy without loss of consciousness. The most commonly used local anesthetic is lidocaine. Lidocaine half-life in the body is about 1.5–2 hours. Other local anesthetics in current use include articaine, septocaine, marcaine (a long-acting anesthetic), and mepivacaine. A combination of these may be used depending on the situation

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Dental 4 Less, Can Senior Have Braces

I am 54 not quite a senior but I over the year my teeth have shifted. They are health no cavities but I would like nice straight teeth. Am I too old for braces?

Answer: No you are not too old. there is no age limit for correcting misaligned teeth. The process used to move teeth is the same at any age. Therefore the benefits of orthodontic treatment are available to you regardless of age. The main differences between orthodontic treatments in adults and children is that certain corrections in adults may require more than braces alone and the treatments may take longer because adult bones are no longer growing. Talk to your dentist and discuss your treatment options.

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Dental 4 Less On Oral Health

Oral health has significant consequences on quality of life and general health. In addition to functional and self-esteem issues that accompany bad teeth, the chronic inflammation and bacteraemia (bacteria in the blood) characteristic of poor oral health increases the incidence of coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and respiratory disease.

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Dental 4 Less, Signs of Sensitive Teeth.

Many people have sensitive teeth and think that having sensitive teeth is not a big issue. However, when you feel twinges of pain or discomfort in your teeth due to drinking or eating cold things, drinking or eating hot things, eating sweet or by touching the teeth with other teeth or your tongue, these are warning signs that should be telling you to see a dentist.

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Dental 4 Less, Extensive Dental Care Needed

I am 19 year old with no dental insurance and I was just told by my dentist that I have ten cavities and that three of them may need to have a root canal done. He will not be sure until he remove the decay. I am scared to have this much dental work and not sure if I should have it done. Also cost is a large fact since in order to pay for my dental care I would have to use all of my savings.

Answer: If you are scared that your dentist is advising dental work that is not needed then the best thing to do would be to get a second opinion. However whether it is one cavity or ten you are dealing with putting off your dental care is not advised. Decay will only continue and cause further damage to your dental and oral health.

I can understand that cost is a large factor, therefore I would advise you buying a low cost dental HMO insurance plan before starting your dental care treatments. Having a dental HMO insurance plan in place will help to make your dental care much more affordable. Also talk to your dentist address what is needed right away then schedule out what the rest in a time frame that you can handle this will also make paying for your dental care easier.

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Dental 4 Less, How do discount dental plans work?

Question: I thinking about buying a dental discount plan just wanting to have a better understanding on how they work.

Answer: Most individual dental insurance plans require you to satisfy waiting periods and deductibles before having major and sometimes even minor restorative work done. Discount dental plans help make maintaining good oral health a lot more affordable. And, with no waiting periods or complicated coverage procedures, dental discount plans are about as simple as you can get.

How do discount dental plans work? As we become aware about our oral health, there has been a demand for affordable dental care. Discount dental plans are the newest option for those without coverage. These dental discount plans are much cheaper than traditional dental insurance, and also offer almost equal coverage for all dental work, even cosmetic procedures not covered by standard indemnity dental plans.

The catch is that dental discount plans are not really insurance at all. They work more like club memberships, where the cost of membership (your “premium”) earns a steep discount on any club service (dental work) you buy. The discount normally applies to all dental office services performed by an approved “plan” dentist, but no procedure is covered completely

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Dental 4 Less, College student looking for good dental care.

Question: I am a college student looking for some good dental care that is low in cost. I current need at least a filling or two but I do not have current dental insurance.  My buddies have been telling me that going to the dentist is crazy expensive and that I better start saving money up before I go or I will not be able to get any dental work done.  Can you offer up some advise on where I can go for good but cheap dental care

Reply: You may want to review are dental discount plan options such as Careington dental plan 500, Atena Denta Choice+, or Dental Save+. Dental discount plans are low cost plans that help to reduce your dental care cost making dental care more affordable.  Not all plans are in every state so to see what we have available to you just enter your zip code in the quote box provided.  Also note we have some very good dental insurance plans you may also want to review. If you should have any questions please call our customer service line at 310-534-3444 M-F 8am – 4pm as we be happy to help you with choosing the best plan for your dental care needs.

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Dental 4 Less, Affordable Dental Discount Plans.  

Discount dental plans are not dental insurance plans. A discount plan partners with dentists to provide customers with a savings on visits to the dentist office. The downside to discount dental plans is that they are not regulated and you have limited recourse if you experience dental plan problems.

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Dental 4 Less, There is a Difference Between the Different Dental Plan Types

There is a difference between dental indemnity insurance plans and a HMO, PPO, or DHMO. The important benefit is the option to choose your own dentist without having to use a network facility. Thus, the personal or true dental insurance plan pays the dental office on a traditional fee-for-service basis. A monthly premium is paid by the client or the employer to an insurance company, which then reimburses the dental service provider for the dental procedures rendered.

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Dental Discount Plans

Dental 4 Less, Dental Discount Plans

You will want to use caution with this type of dental plan since it is not insurance. The managing organizations have negotiated with local dental offices to establish a set price for a particular dental procedure and offer deep discounts (some up to 70%) off the regular ADA pricing code.

This plan has several advantages over traditional dental insurance plans, namely, there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions. This allows a patient to receive immediate coverage for work without meeting any waiting period requirements.

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Dental 4 Less, Dental Discount Plans

Dental Discount Plan for Preventive Dental Care

All I want to do is to be able to get my two cleaning a year and check up.  My teeth are great I never had even one cavity.   I would just like to have something in place for just in case and preventive care.

I been reviewing your Careington dental discount plan which off hand looks good to me, since it does not cost much and start right away.  Is there anything I should do or know before buying.  Never had a discount plan so just checking it out.  Thanks

Reply: Dental discount plan are a great low cost alternative to a high cost dental insurance. The main thing is making sure you have a dentist in the plan you want to go to. Call and confirm with the dental offices that are listed under the plan, to make sure they are still accepting the plan before buying it.

Otherwise you can see your discounted costs for dental services that are listed and for all other dental services not listed you will still receive around a 20% discounted saving.

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 Finding The Right Value in Your Dental Insurance/Discount Plan

Finding the right value in dental insurance or dental plans is an important step in purchasing dental coverage for you and your family. Both types of dental plans have advantages and disadvantages and one size does not fit everyone.

Keeping this in mind is an important rule when you shop for the dental plan that best fits your needs. We sell both individual and family dental insurance and dental discount plans throughout all 50 states.

Posted on Apr. 25th 2016, by Dental, in Dental Discount Plans, Dental Insurance, No Comments » Next Day Benefits

Many of our dental plans have next day benefits including vision and prescription. offers quotes for individual and family dental insurance plans including an option to compare dental national coverage plans. Remember, buying dental insurance does not have to be a painful process. We offer dental benefit coverage in all 50 states.

Posted on Apr. 23rd 2016, by Dental, in Dental Discount Plans, No Comments », Customer Service Department

Specialist in dental insurance and dental discount plans is a specialist in dental insurance, dental discount plans, vision and prescription coverage programs for individuals, families and groups. We have been serving the dental community since 1983, you will find our licensed dental insurance agents are well informed and ready to assist you. Compare dental insurance plans and decide which one is right for you and your family.

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Dental 4 Less, Customer Service Department

Our customer service department is ready to assist you with any questions you may have and help you purchase an employer, family or individual dental insurance plan today.  We provide access to many of the largest, most recognized individual dental insurance networks in the nation.

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Aetna Dental Insurance Access Plans

Individual and Family Members Use It

Aetna dental insurance is a very popular dental insurance that is linked with affordable and high quality dental care.  Not only this, Aetna dental insurance is also well known for its facilities to carry out online inquiries regarding status of the pending claims.  One of the good things about Aetna Dental Insurance is that they provide the best support network.  Aetna dental insurance is offers nationwide dental coverage.  You can get an instant online quote for Aetna Dental Insurance with just one step process.  Put your zip code in the zip code box to get your instant Aetna Dental Insurance Quote.

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Aetna Dental Insurance Access Plans – Individual and Family Members Use It

Aetna dental insurance is one of the most popular dental insurance plans around.  Aetna dental insurance also brings a great range of benefits.  Aetna dental insurance is preferred by a lot of individuals and families with a wide variety of plans to select.   Aetna dental insurance will also offer a lot of flexibility and convenience to the policy holder.  Aetna dental insurance has a reputation of a good service that promises prompt payment of all claims.

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Dental 4 Less, Dental Insurance Quotes Getting the Best Rate

Question: When I am searching for dental insurance quotes how do I know I am getting the best rates?  I have seen website that offering the what seems to be the same plan but with different cost for the plan.  I am not understanding how a dental plan could cost $25.00 a month an on one site where as on another site the same dental  plan could cost $15.00 a month.   If this is the cost how do I know I am buying the plan at the best rate?

Answer: It will just come down to shopping it out and making the best choice for you. Sometime price of the same plan can be different if the agent (website) has included additional processing fees.  That may not always be the case,  you may just be looking at two different plans but thought they where the same.  Many companies offer more then just one plan. So if you are just going by the name ( such as Delta dental) that dose not mean they are the same plans.  I suggest taking your time and reviewing each plans details carefully, and  remember if you have any questions about any of the plans we have to offer just call our member service line at 310-534-3444 as they will be happy to help.

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Dental 4 Less, Insurance for Cosmetic Services

Are there any dental insurance plans that covers for cosmetic dental services?  My current dental plan will not cover for me to have any dental cosmetic services such as teeth whitening, veneers or dental implants. That said I would still like to have some help with the cost of cosmetic dental services.  I have yet to find a dental insurance that will cover for cosmetic services.

Reply: Most dental insurance plan to not offer benefits/coverage’s for cosmetic dental care services. So it may be hard to find one that dose. However you may want to review a  dental discount plan options such as Careington. With a dental discount plan you save off all your dental care needs including cosmetic services.  Generally your average discounted saving on cosmetic dental services is around 15% to 20% not bad on a plan that cost you less then $10.00 a month for an individual.

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Dental Discounts plans in California

Question: Does buying a dental discount plan really offer you true saving?  How do you know if you are really getting much of a saving by buying a dental discount plan? Is there a way of comparing what they say your discount rate is to real dentist cost to know that you are truly getting good saving off the plan?

Answer: Discount dental plans are designed to help reduce your over all dental cost. Do they save you money? Yes dental discount plans do what they say the do they help reduce your total dental care cost.  You only need to start calling around a few dentist stating you do not have insurance and get a quote based on that to see for a $10.00 a month or less dental discount plan it is truly saving you money off your dental care needs.   I suggest that you review the plans in question and call the dentist under the plans to confirm they are still accepting the plan. If you do that you should not have any problems with buying a dental discount plan.

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Dental 4 Less, Dental Insurance Quotes, Looking for Dental and Vision Insurance.

Question: I want to get dental insurance but I also would like the plan to offer vision insurance as well.  I just need a dental plan for maintenance.  I have good teeth but would like to make sure they stay that way.  I also need some vision insurance because I do wear glasses and contacts.  My eye care is getting very expensive so any help with that would be great.  I live in Ft Worth TX so what plan would you advise for me to look at that offers both dental and vision?

Answer: Our insurance option that comes with both dental and vision would be though out AlwayCare plans.  AlwayCare dental plan are PPO plans that also includes vision insurance.  Other option available on our website is our dental discount plans though Careington and DentalChoice + both these discount plans provide discount saving for both dental and vision care

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Dental Insurance for Dental Implants.

Question: Is there any insurance plans that cover dental implants?  I want to have dental implants but would like to get some help reducing the very high cost of having them.  I have called three insurance companies only to be told that they would cover for partials or bridges but not implants. Where would I need to go to get some dental help for implants?

Answer: A dental discount plan would give a 15 – 20% discount off of implants. Just make sure there are dentist in the that does implants.

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Dental 4 Less, Dental Insurance that cover for all types of specialist

Question: I have big time dental fears so I can not go to just any general dentist since even for just a cleaning  need to have a specialist knock me out.

Because of my fears  I have to pay big time dollars for my dental services which my current dental insurance will not cover.   They will only cover me on UCR for general dental prices.  Where can I get a dental insurance that will insured for specialist?

I try explaining to my dental insurance that I do not see a specialist just to have it cost more but they state it does not matter it is up to me where I go and the coverages are what I get if I go to a specialist for my fears.

Answer: Your best bet may be a dental discount plan, you can go to any plan specialist and save at least 20%.   You also may want to try weaning your self off of going to a dental specialist all the time.

There are many great general dentist that deal well with people that have dental fears. At least that way you may be get able the simple things done at a general dentist.

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