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Low Cost Dental, Want to change silver fillings to white colored fillings.

Is there a low cost dental plan that will cover me to change my silver filling to white or tooth colored fillings?  I got the silver filling when I was a child since that was really all they had at the time.  Now that I am much older I would like to change out the silver filling to a more natural tooth color fillings.

Mostly I want this done for looks since I do not like the way the silver filling look.  However, I  heard that silver filling were not very good for  you so that is the other reason I want to make this change.  So I am looking for a plan that can help me with the cost.

Low cost dental, Braces on a minor

My son needs to have braces but after speaking to the Orthodontic dentist I do not have the money it would take for him to have braces. Where can I go for low cost braces for a minor.  He is only fourteen and I want him to have nice teeth but braces are so costly.  I was quoted $800.00 down and a $100.00 for as long as he is in them. I do not have that kind of  extra money.  Need help.  Where would I get braces for less?

Posted on Jun. 3rd 2010, by Dental, in Braces, Dental help, No Comments »

Low Cost Dental, Were do you find a low cost dental office

I know I may need a lot of dental work done to my teeth since I have not seen a dentist in over four years.  I am on a fixed income and can only now see the dentist since my job just offered us some dental coverages.

I was told I can pick any dentist I want so I still want to find a low cost dentist in order to keep my cost very low.  Where do I find a dentist that is for low income families?  Does having dental insurance keep you from seeing a low cost dentist?   I really do not want to spend to much money since I do not have very much extra funds.

Posted on May. 31st 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Dental Insurance, Dentists, 2 Comments »

Low cost dental, What is a low cost whitening treatment

What is a good low cost way of whitening your teeth?  My teeth are not really bad but I would like them to be whiter.   I do not have a lot of extra money so what is a good way to whiten your teeth without it costing a arm and a leg?

Posted on May. 27th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Teeth Whitening, 2 Comments »
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