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Dental 4 less – Limiting Your Refined Carbohydrates  

It’s no secret that avoiding flour-based, white, starchy foods can be a challenge. However, the benefits of limiting your intake of refined carbohydrates for the sake of good dental health are worth it. Refined carbohydrates have been linked to heightened inflammation, which can lead to oral health issues such as gingivitis. On the other hand, opting for whole grains and less processed carbohydrates can significantly contribute to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, giving you more reasons to make these healthier choices.

Dental Insurnce services, Cash discounts.

Okay so I have a PPO dental insurance plan though work.  I want to start using the dental plan for my dental cleaning,  X-ray and what not.  So I hear that dentist will give you a cash discount if you are paying for their services in full.

So why do that not give me a discount since when I call and tell a dentist I have  a PPO I am told that I have to pay in full and wait for my refund from the company.  I am okay with this to a point but feel I am getting cheated out of my cash discount just because I have dental insurance.   So how do I address this with the dentist to make sure I get my cash discount credited to me?

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Posted on Jul. 12th 2010, by Dental, in Dental Claims, Dental help, Dental Insurance, 2 Comments »

Dental insurance, Dentist is not filing out my claim

I do have dental insurance but wanted to change my dentist so I called 1800dentist line and found a dentist from that.  The dentist does not participate in my network I was told when I called them they do not participate in any dental network but they will file any claim to my dental insurance company.  I was told all I had to do was pay them in full first and then they would file the claim.

So I had my dental cleaning and X-rays and paid it in full like they told me to do.  A month passed and I did not get any of my money back.  So I called the dental office and felt like I was was getting a bums rush.  I was not happy with the conversation.  I told them I want them to file the claim like they said they would so I can get some of my money back.

When another week goes by and nothing was done I called my insurance company and was told there was nothing they can do about it because I am not aloud to go outside of the network and be covered.   So even if the dentist I went to filed a claim they would send a rejection letter.

I am so upset the dental office knew what dental insurance I had and made it sound like they could file a claim and I would have some saving that is why I went to them in the first place.  When I called all the staffing would say is that they filed the claim like I told them to do.  If the insurance company does not accept it that is on me!!   I feeling so ripped off.  What can I do about this?

Posted on Jun. 23rd 2010, by Dental, in Cleaning, Dental Claims, Dental help, Dental Insurance, No Comments »

Dental Insurance Coverages, Filling out a dental claim form

I have a dental PPO insurance plan and in the plan terms and conditions I am required to notify them before any dental treatment that is over $300.00.  I really do not have a issue with this because I know that is there to make sure I do not go over UCR rate without knowing it a head of time.

My problem is how do I go about doing notifying them?  Will my dentist give me a treatment plan without me consenting to the work being done?  So that I can send that to the insurance company as required?    If I do not have the work done with the dentist charge me for the treatment plan?  Not sure how to go about this advise please.

Posted on Jun. 23rd 2010, by Dental, in Dental Claims, Dental help, Dental Insurance, Dentists, 1 Comment »

Dental insurance help, Can I be arrested for an unpaid dental work.

So here is my story.  A few months back I had dental insurance though my job.  I went and had some dental work done and paid my part of the dental services.   During the end part of my dental work I changed jobs and lost my dental insurance.

Since I had paid for the dental insurance for the month I was in  having the dental work I did not think anything would effect me since I figure the dental office would have filed the claim before my plan canceled.   However the dental office did not file the claim until all the dental services were done causing it to be filed after my plan had cancel.

Do to that the company did not pay any of the dental work stating that it was done after my cancellation date.  Even though the fact was most of all the dental work was done before the cancellation of my plan.

Now I have the dental office calling me for 700.00 dollars that I do not have.  I told them part of this problem was on them for not filing the claim as I was having the dental services and I feel that I am will to pay for half but they should take the other half since it was their fault.  I was told if I do not pay the bill I would be arrested for the unpaid balance due.   That I lead them to believed that I had dental insurance when I knew it would be canceling I told them I had insurance at the time the services was started and that it their fault for not filing the claim on time.

I do not want to be arrested but I do not have $700.00  I really only could pay right now 200.00 of it but they said they will not take a payment plan and that I needed to pay the $700.00 to avoid me from being arrested.

Posted on Jun. 23rd 2010, by Dental, in Dental Claims, Dental help, Dental Insurance, 3 Comments »

Dental Insurance, How do I make sure that my dental work is covered.

I need to have three filling and one crown for a cracked back molar.  I do have dental insurance but when I ask the dental office staffing what I am covered for and for how much they do not seem to know or will not give me a direct answer.

I told the counter girl that I do not what to have any dental work done that I am not going to be covered for.  I get two free cleaning and check ups that why I know what I current need to have done. I was told that my policy pay on a percent of my dental services however they do not know the final billing until after my insurance company pays the bill.  Then they will charge me any remaining differences.

Well this does not work for me.  What happen if I get stuck with a bill I can not afford to pay.  This dental office does not offer a billing plan so I would need to pay the bill off when I get it.  I want to know a head of time.  Is this possible or do I have to hope that the bill stays low enough for me to pay.

Posted on Jun. 21st 2010, by Dental, in Crowns, Dental Claims, Dental help, Dental Insurance, Filings, 2 Comments »

Dental Insurance, How do I make sure I do not go over UCR rates when filing dental claims.

I have a PPO dental insurance plan that I get though work.  My problem is that the last few times I got hit with what my Insurance Company calls UCR rates.  The insurance company told  me my dentist is above the going rates in my area for his services.   I am  really upset that I keep getting hit with an additional billing that I did not think I was going to have.

I did make some phone call to other local dentist that do seem to be less expensive then my last dentist so I am thinking about changing dental office so that I will not have this problem.  How do I go about making sure I do not go over UCR rates?

Posted on Jun. 21st 2010, by Dental, in Dental Claims, Dental help, Dental Insurance, 3 Comments »
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