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Dental Insurance for Implants – Affordable Dental Insurance for Individuals

Dental Insurance for Implants – Affordable Dental Insurance for Individuals.  Okay so I want to have around eight dental implants for my front teeth to be done.  I can not seem to find any dental insurance plans that offer coverages for dental implants so I am hoping you can help.  Do you offer any affordable dental insurance plan that has implants benefits?

Posted on Mar. 6th 2011, by Dental, in Implants, No Comments »

Dental for less, Need a dental implant.

I am twenty-five and have two baby teeth.  I really do not like them since they are in the front were people can see that they look much smaller then the other teeth I have.  Can I get dental implants to make they look like real adult teeth?  If so what type of dental plan would  I need to get?  Or would having baby teeth at twenty-five be preexisting and not covered under dental insurance.

Posted on Aug. 1st 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Dental Insurance, Dental Plans, Implants, 5 Comments »

Trying to find dental insurance that covers dental implants.

I have a lot of dental work that is needed.   Although I have dental insurance that I get with my job it is not a really good plan and does not cover much of my dental needs.

I been talking with my dentist and I really should have four teeth pulled.  He said since two had prior root canal re-treatment may not work since they are also in such bad condition.  The other two teeth are broken and crack really beyond any type of saving.  Any way the plan is to pull them and get dental implants put in. I can not have a bridge since these teeth in the back and I do not want a partial.

My current plan does not cover for implant all I can get is partial ( with very little of the cost being cover.)  My dentist told me not to pull out any teeth until I know for sure what I was doing.  Saying that once I start doing the dental services I would not be able to get a replacement dental insurance plan.

Is that true?  What can I do?  I need to make up my mind because my teeth do hurt quite a bit.  I have not been able to find dental insurance that will cover for implants.  Am I wasting my time on this?  What is out there to help me with my dental needs?

Posted on Jul. 3rd 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Dental Insurance, Implants, 2 Comments »

Cosmtic dental services, What dental insurance plan covers for cosmetic dental work

I was told by my dentist that I should get implants for my missing teeth since my partials are always given me fitting problems.  My partials which were covered under my dental insurance never fits right.  The inside of my mouth and gums get rubbed raw and starts to hurt.  My dentist told me implants may be much better for me.

My insurance will not pay for implants stating that implants are consider cosmetic services therefore not covered under my plan.  My dentist told me this happens a lot with the insurance companies even though implants are not cosmetic but are just more expensive.  He said that is the real reason why some insurance company will not pay for implants.

I do not know what to do.  I would like Implants because I know they are way better then partials but I can not afford them on my own.  Are their any dental insurance plans that  you know of that will cover for cosmetic services?

Posted on Jun. 22nd 2010, by Dental, in Cosmetic, Dental help, Dental Insurance, Implants, 2 Comments »

Dental Implants, Need to have Dental for Less.

I would love to be able to get dental implants.  Right now I have dental partials since when I got them that was all I really could afford to get.   I know that dental insurance does not cover for implants at least not any plans I have come across do.   Where can I go for dental implants that are not so crazy high.  Right now the one place I went to says it would be around 1000 – 1200 a tooth.  Way to much for me still.  Do you know of any place or way I can help reduce that cost?

Posted on Jun. 17th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Dentists, Implants, 1 Comment »

Dental Insurance for Dental Implants.

Is there any insurance plans that cover dental implants?  I want to have dental implants but would like to get some help reducing the very high cost of having them.  I have called three insurance companies only to be told that they would cover for partials or bridges but not implants.   Where would I need to go to get some dental help for implants?

Posted on Jun. 13th 2010, by Dental, in Cosmetic, Dental help, Implants, 1 Comment »
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