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Dental care, Indvidual dental Insurance for Texas

Dental care, Indvidual dental Insurance for Texas.  I am moving to Dallas Texas in the next two months to live with my girl friend.  I already got a job transfer but my job does not offer me dental benefits.

I am wanting to buy a dental plan for myself  but since I am will be new to Texas dental office is not really much of an issue.  I just need a dental plan that will offer adult braces.  I have been saving up for braces now for the past three years and think I can afford them now with the help of a good dental plan.

Posted on Feb. 13th 2011, by Dental, in Dental Insurance, No Comments »

Maryland Dental care, Whitening toothpaste if I brush longer will I whiten my teeth faster

My mom will not get my teeth whiten nor will she pay for any over the counter whiten strips or let me use them.   About the only thing she has agree to was getting me toothpaste with whitening.   I really want my teeth to be really white.

So if I brush longer and more often though out the day will the toothpaste whiten my teeth faster then just brushing normally?

Posted on Nov. 28th 2010, by Dental, in Teeth Whitening, No Comments »

Virginia Dental care, Is it okay to take sleeping pill after having wisdom teeth extractions

I take sleeping pills when needed since normally I do not sleep and I am a very light sleeper.  Since I know having all four wisdom teeth pulled is going to be painful for days I also know I will never get to sleep if I am in pain.   Where can I make sure this is okay?

Posted on Nov. 27th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, No Comments »

Connecticut Dental Care, Silver dental fillings are the really all the bad

Connecticut Dental Care: For a long time now I hear people staying how our old silver filling are really bad and should be removed.   I have like six or seven old silver fillings.   I got them when I was a kids.  I am no longer a child and I have had my filling for many years without any problems.   Should I really be worried about then now?

Posted on Nov. 26th 2010, by Dental, in Dental Fear, No Comments »

Dental care, My best friend has bad breath !!

OMG my best friend has had bad breath for almost as long as I know him.  I am 15 and my other friends always make fun behind his back.  I really do not know what the issue is and why he had bad smelling breath.

I did off handly asked him once and he said he does not know since he brushes his teeth every morning.  I did not want to continue talking about it because Idid not want to hurt his feelings.  He has nice looking teeth so it not like he has yuck mouth or anything.

Is there anything he can do that I may be albe to bring up again?  My girl friends are starting to get on me about it and although I have know him for a long time now I do not like being made fun of because I have a friend that stinks.

Posted on Nov. 17th 2010, by Dental, in Bad breath ?, 4 Comments »

Dental care, will brushing with baking soda help my bad breath

I know that some people say that brushing with baking soda will help to whiten your teeth and that cool and all but will it help my bad breath?  I was told if I started brushing with baking soda it would totally get rid of bad breath but I would have to use it all the time I brushed.

Would that mess up my teeth if I do that?  I think I saw that over use of baking soda could damage your teeth.  I feel that I a  damn if I do or damn if I do not.  What is right

Posted on Nov. 17th 2010, by Dental, in Bad breath ?, 2 Comments »

Dental care, will having teeth pulled hurt?

I never had to have any major dental care.  I take really good care of my teeth by brushing three times a day and flossing not only that but I see my dentist four time a year for checks and cleaning.  I can not stand bad teeth whether they are mine or someone else’s.

My dentist told me that my bottom two wisdom teeth needs to be pulled soon before they start coming out since they are a little sideways they will start to cause problems.  For some reason I only show that I have bottom wisdom teeth in the X-Rays but not top ones.

Anyway I am a little scared over this event and even though I made an appointment what should I expect?  Is it painful and if so how long normally

Posted on Nov. 12th 2010, by Dental, in Extractions, 3 Comments »

Dental care, Where can I get dental wax for braces

So I am kinda new to having braces and I am still using the wax  so I will not cut myself up.  My problem is my dog got to what I have left and I do not see the Orthodontic dentist for another month.

His office is over 20 miles away so I can not get there on my own and my mom will not take me before my appointment.  Is there any other place I can go to get some dental wax for my braces?

Posted on Nov. 10th 2010, by Dental, in Braces, 1 Comment »

New York Dental Care, can you remove a dental bridge

New York Dental Care: Hello,   about two year ago I had a bridge put in towards the back top part of my mouth.  Can I remove the dental bridge and just go without?  I think it is causing me to have bad smelling breath.  Since the teeth are in the back no one would really notice I do not smile so big as to see it anyway.

Posted on Oct. 30th 2010, by Dental, in Bridges, 4 Comments »

Dental care, Can adults get dental sealants and will insurance cover for it.

I am thirty and my teeth have always been really sensitive to hot and cold.  The dentist told me once I just have thin tooth enamel.  When I was in my teens my mom had the dentist put on dental sealants for just a few of my front teeth.  It really helped out a lot.

Can I have dental sealants but back on my teeth so they will not be so sensitive?  And how do I make sure my current dental insurance plan I get though work will cover it or not?

Posted on Oct. 26th 2010, by Dental, in Dental Sealants, 3 Comments »

Dental care, Information on dental bridges

I will be getting a dental discount plan my dentist  told me about which was how I found your website.   The thing is I have four missing teeth that insurance will not cover but my dentist takes the Careington dental plan which I bought here from you.

I need as much information as I can get on a having a dental bridge done.  Is having a bridge comfortable?  Will it hurt having it put on? Will the bridge look just like my teeth or will people know I have it?

I let my teeth go and now  I have so much work done that needs to be done, and it is very scary. Please help. Knowing more may make it not seem so bad.
Posted on Oct. 25th 2010, by Dental, in Dental Fear, 2 Comments »

Dental care, Why does flossing hurt my gums.

My dentist get on me every time I come in that I am not flossing good enough.  I have no cavities and never needed major dental work done.  However each time he tell me flossing good for my gums and I need to do it better and more often.

Yet every time  I floss my gums hurt afterwords.  They would be sore for a few hours and they do bleed when I floss so I do not really like flossing at all and I only brush three times a day to make up for it.  I just do not see how it can be good from my gums if it makes my gums hurt.

Posted on Oct. 16th 2010, by Dental, in Gum Pain, 2 Comments »

Dental care, Slowing down tooth decay

I went to the dental and was told I have a hole in my back molar.   I am to go back in two weeks to do a full evaluation but right now it looks like I will be needing a root canal and crown done.  I did not have it done at the time because I only went in for a cleaning and had very little time left before I had to go to work.

I am not in any type of pain from this tooth but I am worried that the tooth decay will get worse and cause my molar to brake for the next dental visit to fix it.   Is there anything I can do to protect the tooth until then ?  Advise please.

Posted on Oct. 12th 2010, by Dental, in Dental Care, 2 Comments »

Dental care, Dental Porcelain Veneers

Two months ago I got porcelain veneers on my front teeth and I am wondering if it is normal for the edges of the veneer to get rough?  Towards the bottom they seem a little rough.  I do not recall them being like that when I first got them on.  Also they are not as shinny as when I first had them put on two months ago.    Should I go back to the dentist and complain?  Did I get bad Veneers?

Posted on Oct. 6th 2010, by Dental, in Cosmetic, 3 Comments »

Dental care, White spots on my front teeth

Since I first got my adult teeth I had some white spots on my teeth.  I am 21 now and really do not know why they are there.  I tried using whiten strips thinking it would whiten up the rest of the teeth making so you do not see the white spots but it really did not work.

My dentist never says anything about the spots so I guess they are not bad and I have good teeth with no cavities.  Is there any way to make the white spots leave?  Just wondering if there is anything I can do about them.

Posted on Oct. 5th 2010, by Gina, in Dental Care, 3 Comments »

Dental care, Family dental insurance for new baby

Hello I am 20 and going to be a first time mom in another six months.  Right now I do not have any dental insurance only medical though my job.  My live in boyfriend does not have any dental insurance either but we both want it for our child.

My question would be if we buy dental insurance when the baby is born can we get a family plan with all of us?  Or dose one of get a couple plan with the the baby and the other has to get their own plan if they want?  Not sure how it get broken down since we are not married and do not plan on getting married any time soon.

Posted on Oct. 1st 2010, by Dental, in Dental Insurance, 2 Comments »

Dental care, Non stop toothache

I been having this toothache that is a dull pain for the past four days non stop.   I am not sure if it is only a cavity or what.  I do not have dental insurance and do not know if it is too late for me to get some because I am not sure if I can wait it out.  Can you offer up some advise on what to do to kill the pain until I see a dentist.

Posted on Sep. 28th 2010, by Dental, in Tooth Aches, No Comments »

Dental care, reduce cheek swelling from tooth extractions

Hi I am looking for a very fast way to reduce the swelling in my cheeks from having my wisdom teeth pulled.   I had all four pull two days ago and I still look like a chipmunk.  I have a party I like to go to and I do not want to go looking so bad.  Is there any way to reduce the swelling in six hours from now?

Posted on Sep. 14th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, 2 Comments »

Dental care, Tooth extraction and now dry socket

So a few days ago I had to have two teeth pulled.   I was in a great deal of pain but felt that it was normal since I just had teeth pulled and all.  Today day one side of my mouth hurt me so bad where the tooth had been pulled I could not take it anymore and went back to the dentist.

The dentist treated me for dry socket and gave me a prescription for pain killers which as help me some with controlling the pain.  What I would like to know is about how long now will I be in pain before my gums heal?  Anyone have any idea.

Posted on Sep. 10th 2010, by Dental, in Tooth Aches, 2 Comments »

Dental care, mouth still numb after having a crown put on

Three hours ago I went to a dentist to have my tooth crowned because I cracked it when I was eating.  Now I am home.  I am not in any pain but my mouth and part of my tongue is still numb.  I was told by the dentist that the numbness should wear off in about three hours but it has not.  I am worry something is wrong and it going to stay like this.  Should I go back to the dentist?

Posted on Sep. 8th 2010, by Dental, in Crowns, 1 Comment »

Dental care, brushing your teeth too much

I an really anal about brushing and flossing my teeth.  I can not stand eating anything without brushing my teeth right after.  So I wind up brushing my teeth at least five to six times a day and flossing two to three times a day.

My friends tell me that I am brushing too much and it could be bad for my teeth.  I really do not believe them.  Can anything bad happen to your teeth by brushing as much as I do?

Posted on Sep. 4th 2010, by Dental, in Dental Care, No Comments »

Dental care, Sad about bad teeth

I want to be albe to smile and not worry about what people may be thinking of my teeth.  I am only 27 but for as long as I can remember had bad teeth.

I only have myself to blame because I know I did not take care of them when I was still a teen and I did not think it would be that big of a deal.  Now at 27 I just hate my teeth.  I do not smile and when I do I worry that someone will see just how bad my teeth are.

I do not have dental insurance and I know I probably should get some but do not know where to start with that either.  I know dental work is not cheap and I do not have much money but when your own niece asks you why your teeth are brown you just feel like poo.   Please help me.

Posted on Sep. 1st 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, 3 Comments »

Dental Care, Almost homeless and in need dental care

I am just one pay check away from being almost homeless.  This is not a joke.  I am working just so that I can pay rent.  I work many odd jobs.  Whatever I can find.  Most are under the table jobs or jobs that people I know will give me for a few bucks.

So as you can guess I do not have dental insurance.  I have a very painful and infected back tooth that I just want to have pulled.  I went to the hospital but they only gave me some meds and told me to see a dentist to have the tooth pull.   I can not find any dentist willing to pull the tooth for free.

I can not ask my mom for help she helps me as it is on rent.  What do I do to stop this terrible toothache pain?

Posted on Aug. 30th 2010, by Dental, in Tooth Aches, 5 Comments »

Dental care, upper expander

I just go an upper expander put on two days ago and besides the fact that my mouth is sore and it is hard to eat right now I also am taking funny.   It is like I have a lisp now.  How long will this all last?  I am told that I will need to have the expander for at least a year.

Posted on Aug. 14th 2010, by Dental, in Braces, Dental help, 2 Comments »

Dental care, In need of dental fillings.

I live in Ontario CA and I am in need of having at least two filling done.  I am new immigrant and only been here for two months so far.   I do not have dental insurance and very little money so I can not pay for dental work.  Where can I go to get free dental work?

Posted on Aug. 12th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Filings, 1 Comment »
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