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Dental 4 Less, Difference between metal and porcelain crowns?

All-Porcelain Crowns General Description:  Inlays, onlays, crowns and aesthetic veneers May fracture under heavy biting loads Strength depends on adequate porcelain thickness; it requires moderate tooth reduction during preparation Highly resistant to wear, but porcelain can rapidly wear opposing teeth if its surface becomes rough Color and translucency mimic natural tooth appearance Cost is about 10% higher; requires at least two office visits and laboratory services

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns:  Porcelain is fused to an underlying metal structure to provide strength to a crown or bridge Crowns and fixed bridges. Very strong and durable Including both porcelain and metal creates a stronger restoration than porcelain alone; moderately aggressive tooth reduction is required Highly resistant to wear, but porcelain can rapidly wear opposing teeth if its surface becomes rough Porcelain can mimic natural tooth appearance, but metal limits translucency. Requires at least two office visits and laboratory services

Posted on Apr. 21st 2017, by Dental, in Crowns, No Comments »

Dental Insurance for individual dental care.

Dental Insurance for individual dental care. I looking for a lower cost dental insurance plan in Texas that I can get for myself. I was told by a dentist that I need to have a root canal done. Which will require removing my crown and then having it put back on.

The dentist stated not sure if they can save my old crown and I may need to get a new one. All of this is going to be costly and I just looking for an affordable way to help me save some money



Posted on Apr. 9th 2011, by Dental, in Crowns, No Comments »

Dental care in New York, Broken Tooth Needs a Root Canal

Just a few days ago I broke a good part of my back molar off.  It not hurting me too bad but I know I need for it to be fixed.  A few people are telling my I  may need to have a root canal and a crown done.  I figured I would need a crown but the thought of having to have a root canal too is just to much.

I do not have dental insurance and though I not claiming to be poor I do not want to spend a ton of money either and could use help in finding a dental plan that will work for me.

Posted on Dec. 1st 2010, by Dental, in Crowns, 2 Comments »

Dental, Where can I go to get vampire crowns put on.

I really want to have vampire teeth.  I figure a dentist should be able to put on crowns that look like vampire teeth.   However I am not sure who would do it and about how much would they cost if a dentist will put them on.   I guessing this is not something dental insurance would cover but can you

Posted on Oct. 8th 2010, by Dental, in Crowns, 3 Comments »

Dental care, mouth still numb after having a crown put on

Three hours ago I went to a dentist to have my tooth crowned because I cracked it when I was eating.  Now I am home.  I am not in any pain but my mouth and part of my tongue is still numb.  I was told by the dentist that the numbness should wear off in about three hours but it has not.  I am worry something is wrong and it going to stay like this.  Should I go back to the dentist?

Posted on Sep. 8th 2010, by Dental, in Crowns, 1 Comment »

Dental teeth care, Not sure if my son really need a root canal and crown

Over the weekend my son had was playing basketball where he was elbowed in the mouth.  One of his side teeth got pushed in.  He immediately during the game pushed the tooth back into place.  However, knowing this happen I took him to the dentist on Monday where I was told he should have a root canal and crown done on that tooth.

I am not sure it this is really necessary, I have dental insurance so it not like it would not be covered I just not sure if he really needs so much work.  He says the tooth feels fine and it is not really lose any more.  What should I do?  Should I get a second opinion?  Or just have the dental work done?

Posted on Aug. 11th 2010, by Dental, in Crowns, Dental help, Dental Insurance, Root Canals, 3 Comments »

Dental Insurance care, Broken tooth in NY

Please help give me some good advise.  I just broke a part of my back tooth off.  I have dental insurance but since I just got it I fall under a waiting period so the crown that I need will not be covered for another six months.

What can I get in the mean time?  I need something that will help fray my cost. The dentist is telling me without insurance having the crown will cost me over $800.00.  I can not pay that much money all at once.   If I am left without a choice I will wait the six months put would prefer not to.

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Posted on Jul. 7th 2010, by Dental, in Crowns, Dental help, Dental Insurance, Dentists, 1 Comment »

I Have a broken tooth, Need a low cost dental insurance plan

Yesterday I cracked my tooth.  No part of the tooth broke off but I can see a crack line on the tooth that was not there before.  My tooth does not hurt me but I want to have it taken care of ASAP so that it does not brake before seeing a dentist.

My worry is that I do not have dental insurance.  Before now I really did not need it since I would just pay my dentist for a cleaning and be done with it.  I was told by my friend that I may need a dental crown so that my tooth does not brake a part.  I know crown are costly so I would like a low cost dental plan that can at least save me 50 percent or more off the cost of getting a crown.   Where would I find a dental insurance that will help me with this need.

Posted on Jun. 22nd 2010, by Dental, in Cleaning, Crowns, Dental help, Dentists, 2 Comments »

Dental Insurance, How do I make sure that my dental work is covered.

I need to have three filling and one crown for a cracked back molar.  I do have dental insurance but when I ask the dental office staffing what I am covered for and for how much they do not seem to know or will not give me a direct answer.

I told the counter girl that I do not what to have any dental work done that I am not going to be covered for.  I get two free cleaning and check ups that why I know what I current need to have done. I was told that my policy pay on a percent of my dental services however they do not know the final billing until after my insurance company pays the bill.  Then they will charge me any remaining differences.

Well this does not work for me.  What happen if I get stuck with a bill I can not afford to pay.  This dental office does not offer a billing plan so I would need to pay the bill off when I get it.  I want to know a head of time.  Is this possible or do I have to hope that the bill stays low enough for me to pay.

Posted on Jun. 21st 2010, by Dental, in Crowns, Dental Claims, Dental help, Dental Insurance, Filings, 2 Comments »

Dental Coverages for Insurance, I only want to do dental work that is covered

I have dental insurance that is all right but does not cover for the high end dental services.  Which is really fine for me.  The problem I am having is with my dentist under the plan.  He keeps wanting me to get the high end crowns that are not covered compared to porcelain fused to metal that are.  I tell him I do not want full porcelain since it is not covered and he give me a hard time about it. 

This is just one example because every time I have to fight with him to do only the services that I am covered for.  I do not see the problem if he does not want to do that type of services then why does he even take the plan.   This is really bugging me.  I would change dentist only he is the closest one to me and the other office would be out of my way.

Posted on Jun. 18th 2010, by Dental, in Crowns, Dental Insurance, Dentists, 1 Comment »

Dental Insurance Coverages, Is there any way around the waiting periods?

I have a PPO that has waiting period for almost every thing.  Since I have the plan now for seven months I only have five more months until I can have major services.  At the time I bought the plan I did not think waiting periods would be an issue and that I would be able to wait them out.   Now I need a crown that will cost about $800.00 After the waiting period the insurance company that I am with will cover 50% of the cost which is still a lot of money.

The thing is I need the crown now and waiting five more months is not a good idea.  My dentist said I really should get the crown now since it will help protect my tooth that I chipped.   Can I just get the crown now and file the claim after the waiting period?  That way at least I will get my $400.00 back in the five months after I file the claim.    I hate having to spend money that my insurance company should pay out for.

Posted on Jun. 16th 2010, by Dental, in Crowns, Dental help, Dental Insurance, Insurance Coverages, 3 Comments »

Dental for Less, Need major dental work have no dental insurance

I really need your help and advise.   I am 24 with a really bad tooth ache.  I have not seen the dentist in well a long time.  I pretty sure I have at least a cavity issue going on at worse I may even need a root canal which means a crown too.  I am not sure since I am not a dentist what I will really need.  I only know that there is no way I am able to have any waiting periods for dental service.   I really need something that start ASAP  I am in that much pain.   Can you advise on what type of plan will help me with my current needs.   Thanks

Posted on Jun. 15th 2010, by Dental, in Crowns, Dental help, Filings, Insurance Coverages, Root Canals, 1 Comment »

Dental Insurance Coverages, How do I compare dental coverages

Hi I was on your site and I live in California.  I was looking at the Golden West dental plan.  I need help in understanding the coverages.   I know I am going to need a cleaning more then likely a deep cleaning since it has been some time since I last saw a dentist.

I also think filling will be necessary too.  I been having issues with two of my teeth.  They seem to hurt off and on.  Any way when I look at the plan there are a Doz or more filling and I am not sure where to find a deep cleaning.  That is the same for a crown there is like seven different cost for crowns.  How am I to know what one is needed so I can figure out my cost for those services and compare it to your other plans.   Please advise

Dental Insurance Coverages, Root Canal on Molar

Round month ago I had a root canal done on my back molar.  At the time the dentist only did the root canal and put a temporary crown on after he was done.  I was to go back for the finished crown.  I had an appointment to go back but I had to put it off since something came up and now my appointment for the crown is in two weeks from now.
The problem is now my temporary crown came off  three days ago since I have an appointment to go back to the dentist I did not worry about it and did not  bother to call the dentist over it.  Now when I was eating I think part of  the packing or filling came out of that tooth and I have a whole in my tooth.   What will the dentist do now?  Will I still get my crown?  Should I call the dentist now and get in sooner then my appointment or wait it out?  Advise please.
Posted on May. 26th 2010, by Dental, in Crowns, Dentists, Root Canals, 1 Comment »
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