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Dental 4 Less – Gum Health

California Oral health care, Red and sore gums

I recently noticed that my gums have been hurting slightly and seem redder than usual. I brush twice a day and floss almost every day. They do not bleed when I am doing that but they just kind of hurt when I do. Could I have gum disease?

Reply: Some of the start signs of gingivitis (gum disease) would include but are not limited to, Swollen or puffy gums, Dusky red or dark red gums, and tender gums. I suggest visiting your dentist as soon as possible, so if you have the start of gingivitis, your dentist can treat it before it becomes a more significant issue. Consider buying dental insurance if you do not have any current, as it will help to keep your dental care cost more affordable.

Posted on Mar. 26th 2024, by Gina, in Dental Care, Dental help, Dental Oral Health, Gingivitis, Gum Pain, No Comments »

Dental care, Why does flossing hurt my gums.

My dentist get on me every time I come in that I am not flossing good enough.  I have no cavities and never needed major dental work done.  However each time he tell me flossing good for my gums and I need to do it better and more often.

Yet every time  I floss my gums hurt afterwords.  They would be sore for a few hours and they do bleed when I floss so I do not really like flossing at all and I only brush three times a day to make up for it.  I just do not see how it can be good from my gums if it makes my gums hurt.

Posted on Oct. 16th 2010, by Dental, in Gum Pain, 2 Comments »

Dental health care, Bleeding everytime I brush and floss my teeth

Every time I brush and floss my teeth my gum bleeds not just a little either they bleed a lot.  Most times I brush twice a day and floss every other.  I do not feel that my gums should be bleeding like this.  About the only thing I do is regularly drink alcohol but I am not a smoker and I otherwise have a healthy diet.

What should I do?  should I see a dentist?  Is there something weird going on?  Not sure please advise.

Posted on Oct. 3rd 2010, by Dental, in Gum Pain, 3 Comments »

Dental teeth care, why do my gums hurt after brushing

So I brush my teeth around two to three times a day and my teeth are in very good health.  I have no problems with then and no cavities.  However recently when I brush my teeth my gums started hurting afterwords.  Mostly on the top but a little on the bottom too.  I have a soft tooth brush and I do not  think I am brushing any harder then I normally would.   Any ideas

Posted on Sep. 15th 2010, by Dental, in Gum Pain, 3 Comments »

Oral health care, Red and sore gums

Just recently I notice that my gums have been hurting a bit and them seem redder then they normally do.  I brush twice a day and floss almost every day.  They do not bleed when I am doing that but they just kinda hurt when I do.  I read a little about gum disease but since I am not bleeding I am not sure that is what I have.  Can anyone advise?

Posted on Aug. 21st 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Gum Pain, 3 Comments »

Dental for less, Need treatement for gum disease.

I need to see a Periodontist since it seems I have very bad gums.  I been going to the dentist for my teeth an although I do not have any cavities my gums would hurt.  He  did do a deep cleaning but my gums still bleed and they are still very red.

If I do not have insurance will I need to have a referal to see a Periodontist?  Or can I just go to one on my own.  I have the money I just never bother getting dental insurance because to me dental insurance never insured what I wanted or had really long term waiting period.

Posted on Jun. 19th 2010, by Dental, in Dental help, Gingivitis, Gum Pain, No Comments »
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