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Dental care, My best friend has bad breath !!

OMG my best friend has had bad breath for almost as long as I know him.  I am 15 and my other friends always make fun behind his back.  I really do not know what the issue is and why he had bad smelling breath.

I did off handly asked him once and he said he does not know since he brushes his teeth every morning.  I did not want to continue talking about it because Idid not want to hurt his feelings.  He has nice looking teeth so it not like he has yuck mouth or anything.

Is there anything he can do that I may be albe to bring up again?  My girl friends are starting to get on me about it and although I have know him for a long time now I do not like being made fun of because I have a friend that stinks.

Posted on Wednesday, Nov. 17th 2010 3:00 PM | by Dental | in Bad breath ? | 4 Comments »

4 Comments on “Dental care, My best friend has bad breath !!”

  1. Aurora Says:

    You really can only say anything to your friend if your friend it willing to listen. Otherwise you may hurt his feeling or worse lose a freind you stated that you really rather not lose.

    Causes to having bad breath can be many things and not all have anything to do with ones teeth. Though many times that is the frist thing to check off and a reason why.

    If he has no teeth and gum issues it could be something he is eating or even other health issues going on inside. I am not sure how you go about address this with him.

    It is easy for me to say not to worry about what your other friends have to say. That if you like him then it should not matter. That is easy to say and not so easy to do all the time. In the end this will be your choice on if you want to try and speek to your friend about this issue again. Or let it drop.
    These choices are onlly yours to make.

  2. Belinda Says:

    I had to have a simular talk with my best friend over a body oder. Only we were young adults at the time 20 – 23. She was my best freind and I had people at work joking and laughing about her body oder.

    It was hard but I told her what people are saying behind her back and told her one way of stopping her from having the oder.

    We are still friend at 40 something but at the time she stop talking to me for about three months. It was hard but a true friend will see that you were only acting on their best intress.

    Otherwise I would have started making the same jokes behind her back like everyone. Instead of taking a much harder road. No one like to be told they stink or have bad breath but unless they truly know about the problem it will never change.

    Good luck to you on your dission.

  3. Grace Says:

    Why should this be your issue. You either are or are not his friend. If you other friend do not like him so what. If you are feel presure about being his friend and this issue is effectiving you then you can tell him about it and see what he does.

    Or you can even start to move away from him without giving any reason why. Friends move apart. No one is making you stay this person friend and if you feel so bad about what your other friends are saying maybe it for the best to leave him behind.

    And find people that you do not have to put any effort into being their friend. Up to you.

  4. John Says:

    I would just tell him man your breath stinks. That you need to brush twice a day not just once and that you have to floss daily.

    I would also suggest a strong mouthwash for him to use. If the problem does not stop tell him about it maybe it is his diet or some other issue but one normally can not smell themselves. Sure it make make him up set but if he want to be your friend he should at least try to get better.

    Why should you have to put up with somthing from someone else that is effectiving your life and your other friendships?

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