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Dental insurance recommendation for a good dentist

I have a dental insurance plan where I am able to go to any dentist I choose.  My family dentist I have been seeing most of my life retired last year and I need to go to the dentist.  I called my insurance company for a dental office recommendation but was told they do not tell us were to go because they are a non network plan.

Not 100% sure what that means.  However, how do I go about getting a recommendation to a good dentist.   I have to admit to being  dentist phobic. That was way I really like my last dentist he was always so kind to me which helped me a lot.

Posted on Thursday, Jun. 24th 2010 8:01 AM | by Dental | in Dental Fear, Dental help, Dental Insurance | 5 Comments »

5 Comments on “Dental insurance recommendation for a good dentist”

  1. Caroline Jackey Says:

    Based on what you are saying it sound as if you have a type of dental insurance that is call an indemnity dental plan. Which only means that the insurance company let you as the insured go to any dentist. Which means that in this case there is not dental office date base for them to give you a referral.

  2. Roy Benson Says:

    Picking the best dentist for you would depend on how much effort you put into choosing your dentist. One way would be by talking to friend who’s opinions you trust. A friend could tell you about their dental office and whether or not they really like going there.

    Many people like to call 1-800 dentist. However I am iffy on that since I think the dentist pay to be on their referral list.

    In the end it will be up to you to decide. Just keep in mind you are not locked into seeing one dentist if you get there and do not like the dentist or the dental office move on to the next one.

  3. Troy Hilbert Says:

    Since you stated you have some what of a dentist phobia, when you are calling dentist bring that up. Make sure that the dental office you are calling as a dentist that deal well with nervous people.

    Some dentist handle your fears and concerns very well were other dentist just do not have the required patience to deal well with dental fears.

  4. Lovely Says:

    This is my dentist finding tip: What I like to do when searching for a new dental office is before making my mind up based on a phone call. I will also do an office visit.

    Seriously just go by the dental office you are thinking of going to. Walk in what are your fist impressions? Are the staffing friendly. This matter since you will have to also deal with them to handle your insurance claims.

    Another thing if there are people in the waiting room, be nice but see if they are willing to talk to you about the dentist and the dental services. Most people are willing to tell you want they think as long as you are friendly to them.

  5. Lowgan Says:

    I had to laugh when I read Lovely reply. It is so spot on! I once went into a dental office I was thinking about going to. I was in the waiting room to get a free consult with the dentist.

    Any way while I was there this man came in. before he even got to the front desk I saw the girl roll her eyes as if to say not him again… They made him stand there for over five minutes before they even gave him the time of day and talk to him.

    In short he was very upset about how they messed up on filing his claim. They put in him said they did refile it correctly and that he would need to wait and give it more time to be process. Lets say he was not a happy camper.

    Now even though I know there are problems that can come up with anyone over all I felt the staffing was very rude to him and with dealing with the matter. I walked out and went to a different dental office for my dental work needed.

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