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New York Supplement Dental Insurance plans

New York Supplement Dental Insurance plans:  I was told that you can get a supplemental dental insurance plan to help off set the cost of dental services that your main plan does not pay for.   I have a dental plan from work but the max limitation is not very high and I seem to go over the UCR fees.  Would get a supplemental dental insurance plan help me off set my max limitation and keep my cost within the UCR fees as well?

Posted on Friday, Jan. 28th 2011 8:59 AM | by Dental | in Supplemental Dental | 2 Comments »

2 Comments on “New York Supplement Dental Insurance plans”

  1. Troy Hilbert Says:

    You may want to try getting a dental discount plan. What that would do for you is lower the cost for dental services charged off to your current dental insurance therefore not only lowering your cost but making so you do not over max your limitation out as fast.

    And lets say you do max your limitation out you would still be able to use the dental discount plans to off set your own cost for dental services. Now you need to make sure the dentist that take the dental discount plan will also accept the current dental insurance you have so make sure before buying one.

  2. Greg Hills Says:

    We do offer dental insurance that lets you stay with your current dentist so as long as your current dentist is willing to use both dental insurance plan you could go that way too.

    Read the plans terms and conditions like the dental insurance plan you currently have our dental insurance options also have year max limitations and some waiting periods you need to be aware of.

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