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Dental Care, Almost homeless and in need dental care

I am just one pay check away from being almost homeless.  This is not a joke.  I am working just so that I can pay rent.  I work many odd jobs.  Whatever I can find.  Most are under the table jobs or jobs that people I know will give me for a few bucks.

So as you can guess I do not have dental insurance.  I have a very painful and infected back tooth that I just want to have pulled.  I went to the hospital but they only gave me some meds and told me to see a dentist to have the tooth pull.   I can not find any dentist willing to pull the tooth for free.

I can not ask my mom for help she helps me as it is on rent.  What do I do to stop this terrible toothache pain?

Posted on Monday, Aug. 30th 2010 9:54 AM | by Dental | in Tooth Aches | 5 Comments »

5 Comments on “Dental Care, Almost homeless and in need dental care”

  1. Hilbert Says:

    It is hard when you have such little money to tell someone the best way to save on dental services is to get dental insurance but that is true. If you feel you can afford to spend $10.00 a month you could get a dental discount plan and depend on where you live maybe even a low cost HMO dental insurance plan.

    That said you will still need money for the plan and having a tooth pulled would still cost you money just a lot less compare to not have any dental insurance or plan in force.

  2. Tracy Says:

    Are you on any type of state programs for the poor to low income families? If you are check you services many times even though they do not really cover for dental services they will cover to have a tooth pulled. Something worth checking into at least.

  3. Ruby Jean Says:

    See if there are any dental clinics in your area that you can go to. You may be able to get your tooth pulled for free if there are. There also are dental school that will either be free to very little cost. I hope you have at least one of these you can go to for help.

  4. Tracy Says:

    There is the United Way and the American Dental Association. Both will offer random dates and places to go for free dental care. It is a hit and miss but what do you have to loose. Good luck

  5. Greg Hilks Says:

    I do not really know if you are going to have much help. There use to be many low income state programs for health as well as dental but more and more programs are being cut due to lack of state funds to run them.

    So even though I can understand how very little money you may have it is hard to get anything for free right now. It is very much a hit an miss and with a toothache the longer you wait the worse it will get.

    I am going to suggest that if you have someone willing to lone you the money it may be your only valid choice. If you can do that then it makes sense to put it toward getting dental insurance and or a plan to cut your dental cost in pulling the tooth.

    Otherwise you are left to keep babying the tooth in question as you put aside money each week to hopefully go to the dentist.

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