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Kids dental care, Do you really need to crown baby teeth

My Son is  seven and he has a large size cavity in one of his back molars.   I want to just have it filled since fillings under my dental insurance plan is covered.  However the dentist is saying that my son should have a baby root canal done and have the tooth crowned.

Since my plan is new.  Just got it from my job four months ago I do not yet have coverage for that type of dental care.  Which then would cost me about 800.00.   I either want it pulled for $100.00 or for the dentist to do a filling.   I am a corse being advise against both.  Is this dentist just trying to make more money off of me?  Has anyone crown baby teeth before.

Posted on Thursday, Oct. 14th 2010 9:33 AM | by Dental | in Dental Care | 3 Comments »

3 Comments on “Kids dental care, Do you really need to crown baby teeth”

  1. Olive Says:

    Well maybe what you should do is go to dental school become a dentist that way you can do half ass work like you want your dentist to do on your own son.

    maybe if you took better care of your three year old teeth he would not need a root canal and a crown done. And this would not be an issue.

    Your son is three years old and baby molars can last until he is 12 -13 years old. Pulling out a tooth because it is cheaper is never a good idea. Baby teeth are very important in a child development and how his adult teeth will come in. I think you need to really read some more on line the importance of baby teeth. They are not just toss away teeth.

  2. Victor Says:

    Well Olive was a bit harsh but a lot of what she said was true. If a tooth needs to have a root canal done then just a filling would not be good enough. I am sure you do not want your son in any pain but a toothache is just terrible even for an adult.

    Baby root canal treatment hare done all the time. I know some people may think that it is only a baby tooth so what the big deal but baby teeth are important and you never want to loose one too soon.

    The reason why the dentist also wants to crown the tooth is because after a root canal the tooth will get week. It needs a crown to protect it from damage.

    I am not making light of the cost, but it is necessary. Now if you feel that you do not trust the dentist opinion or treatment plan why not get a second opinion. If it is truly needed the second opinion should match up with what the first dentist stated.

  3. Charlene Davey Says:

    It is not so unheard of that a child will have a root canal an a crown done on baby teeth. Baby teeth are just like adult teeth and need to be maintained.

    I do not think your dentist is trying to rip you off at all. However nothing stopping you from getting a second opinion. In the end it is your choice but you want to think about long term effects of your choice as well as short term.

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