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Monthly rates for dental insurance, Is there a dental insurance for low income homes.

So I come from a low income home.  My mom is workin two jobs and I work a part time job to help out.  However it is still very hard on my mom to take care off three kids for the most part on her own.

We do not go to the dentist since she can not afford for us to.  However I have starting  getting a toothache in one of my back molars.  I have not said much to her about this since I will be turning 18 in a year and will be able to work full time and get dental insurance on my own.   In the mean time were can we go to get help.  Is there a low income dental insurance plan she can get?

Posted on Thursday, Aug. 19th 2010 8:33 AM | by Dental | in Cavities, Dental help, Dental Insurance, Tooth Aches | 3 Comments »

3 Comments on “Monthly rates for dental insurance, Is there a dental insurance for low income homes.”

  1. John Mankiea Says:

    Yes do some research on dental HMO plan they are normally very affordable and you will normally have your preventive dental care free at the dentist that are listed under the plan. I am sure that your mom would want you to not have any of her children to have dental health problems. A dental HMO can help her with the cost for dental services.

  2. Susan Hope Says:

    I am sure you are only thinking of your mom and the cost of fixing your tooth but I still think it is important to tell her you have a tooth that is causing you pain.

    A year is a long time to wait when your tooth is already hurting you. And to wait a year will only make matter worse. There are dental clinics she may be able to take to you for free dental work. Let your mom decide on what she can and can not afford.

  3. Nana Says:

    Have you looked into any dental schools that may be near by you? Normally dental school will offer free to low cost dental services depending on your dental need.

    And tell your mom about your tooth. Even if money is tight for her she has the right to know you are not feeling well. It is not good to keep this from her.

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